The Amicorp Community Foundation

In 2001 we established the Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF) to focus our social empowerment efforts, increase environmental consciousness, and preserve bio-diversity. ACF has a portfolio of social responsibility projects which we set up ourselves and manage. From Latin America to Asia and Africa, our projects range from a vocational training center, CO2 emissions offsetting, conservation of the endangered rhinoceros, to a day care center.

EDENA website templateThe ACF was created to channel creative focus and energy toward community actions. It functions as a charitable trust based in Curaçao and India. The ACF is a reflection of our core, organizational values which we take very seriously. We believe that a responsible member of the society needs to participate in and collaborate with society at large. The ACF is a representation of that belief; every Amicorp employee can make a difference to our world.

Through the ACF, we offer underprivileged people around the world a system of sustainable and enduring support. The ACF was set up to help people find a better quality of life, reinforce the values of community and community spirit, and remind people of the wonder of our world.

Amicorp CSR Projects

The ACF is the major stakeholder in the ACC; it has committed USD $360,000 towards the purchasing of the land, the building of the ACC and operational costs. However, this amount, even though quite generous, is still not enough to cover all of our needs. If you would like to find out how you can become a donor to this project, please contact Sue Meng Chen.


We will establish long term partnerships that will add value to the center and the students. Partners in the following industries have been identified as key parties.


An international standard vocational training center and an international five star hospitality group to provide consultation on set up of a five star professional training kitchen and restaurant and use of herbs and permaculture produce in creative cuisine. Our partners employees will be able to volunteer time as part of their CSR obligations, and provide internship and employment opportunities.


A local bank to offer micro-financing to students who want to become entrepreneurs upon completion of their training programs. Campuhan College in Ubud, Bali has been teaching Living Values Education, English and Computer Literacy for seven years and has had amazing results with its students. We shall be working closely with their trainers.

Under the name PT Pusat Komunitas Amicorp, we are working closely with Les village leaders to ensure that what we wish to accomplish is in alignment with local values and desires. Our local consultant, Rucina Ballinger, is an American who has lived in Bali since 1974 and along with her husband was the traditional head of her village subdistrict (klian banjar) in 2013. She is able to bridge both worlds with ease.

Take a minute to think back And recall the moments that have given you the biggest satisfaction

You will soon realize that what makes us feel content are things like bringing happiness to others, contributing to the greater good, leaving a legacy, and helping those in need.

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What makes us feel content are things like bringing happiness to others.
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