The Amicorp Community Centre

The project will require an upfront investment of about USD 1.35 million for setting up two Indonesian entities, land acquisition and building the center, and operational costs.

A further investment of USD 500,000 is required for further operational costs and to make it a unique and successful project.

ACF has allocated USD 360,000 in 2014 for this project with a view that the rest will be raised from partnerships with Amicorp Group’s offices and clients. Our aim is to make the project economically viable within about 10 to 15 years.

The intangible dividends and pleasures of elevating this community towards self-sufficiency must not be underestimated.

Take a minute to think back And recall the moments that have given you the biggest satisfaction

You will soon realize that what makes us feel content are things like bringing happiness to others, contributing to the greater good, leaving a legacy, and helping those in need.

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