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Our curriculum is still in the planning process but we plan to have short courses as well as one of three years in length. Life skills will go hand in glove with the basic pillars of hospitality, permaculture and cultural heritage preservation. It goes without saying that English, business skills and even basic grooming will be a part of each program.

With 10 classrooms, the ACC aims to initially deliver 640 training hours a day for 80 students, and conduct training in the kitchen and restaurant. The ACC will create employment for approximately 25 people at the center for administrative, teaching and gardening staff.

The four main training programs offered at the ACC will be Hospitality, Permaculture, Cultural Preservation and Living Values Education (LVE).

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ACC will feature professional training for the hospitality industry focusing on food & beverage and cooking. A kitchen and restaurant as well as multi-function classrooms will be established to deliver training in culinary and service industry skills including classes in English, computer literacy and grooming and hygiene.

ACC’s vision is to prepare as many underprivileged people as possible to access employment opportunities that will come once hotels and restaurants are established in this region of Bali when the island’s second airport in nearby Kubutambahan is expected to be completed in 2018.

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“Permaculture” is a word that was originally coined in the mid-seventies by two Australians, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, to describe the design system pioneered as a response to what they, and many others globally, saw as serious challenges to the survival of all of us.

Originally derived from the words ‘Permanent Culture’, permaculture has gone beyond its roots in looking at strategies to create sustainable food growing methods to become a worldwide movement encompassing all aspects of how we as human beings can live harmoniously in relation to our Earth and our finite resources – a permanent culture.

Permaculture now probably has as many definitions as there are practitioners, but one that is particularly useful might be - “creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns”

Permaculture, a Beginners Guide

Permaculture has become quite popular on Bali and there are many superb trainers that can assist at the center.

There are different elements in ACC that are envisioned to be interconnected in several ways. For instance, permaculture gardens in the center will perform the dual purpose of landscaping as well as providing the produce used at the restaurant, and by teachers and students for cooking classes.

This is a holistic approach that not only gives skills needed for gainful employment, but will also raise the awareness of the students and hopefully their respective communities on the importance of creating a sustainable agricultural system (permaculture system of water conservation and growing food; recycling through waste water gardens and plastic/ paper recycling and an appreciation for eating what we produce.

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Leveraging on the government of Bali’s promise (at the World Culture Day held in November 2013) to focus on developing the creative industries and preserving cultural heritage, the ACC will incorporate classes in cultural heritage such as Balinese dance, gamelan music and other local arts and handicrafts. All students will be required to take one of these modules as part of their training.

  • Balinese dance - is performed in rituals as well as for entertainment and will instill a strong sense of Balinese identity and pride in the traditional culture. This will also serve as entertainment for visitors at the restaurant and also a source of income for the dancers (students).
  • Gamelan music - We will work together with the local community to preserve the art of Gamelan music, a traditional musical ensemble of great cultural significance since almost all religious rituals and social events in Bali feature gamelan performances. There will be a gamelan on the premises with regular rehearsals and performances for both visitors and the local community.
  • Local arts and handicrafts - There are many lost arts in this area that would, if revitalized, provide a point of pride for the people of Les. Research is now being done to see which of these arts and crafts would benefit the most from being brought back from the past and into the present.


Life skills, including English, computer literacy and Living Values Education (LVE).

“Living Values Education (LVE) is a way of conceptualizing education that promotes the development of values-based learning communities and places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of education. LVE emphasizes the worth and integrity of each person involved in the provision of education, in the home, school and community. In quality education, LVE supports the overall development of the individual and a culture of positive values in each society and throughout the world, believing that education is a purposeful activity designed to help humanity flourish.”

Campuhan College in Ubud has incorporated LVE into its’ one year degree program and the difference in the youth that enter the school grounds – with eyes downcast looking only at the ground and in their scruffy clothes - transform into self-confident, neatly dressed young men and women who after a year can communicate in English and are ready to take on the world. We shall work together with their highly trained teachers.

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