ACC’s missionThe Amicorp Community Centre

The Amicorp Community Centre

ACC’s mission is to create opportunities for young people primarily in northern / eastern Bali, by providing training, initially in the fields of service and hospitality and eventually in cultural heritage preservation, and creating awareness in these students and their community of the need for environmental sustainability.

ACC’s vision rests in establishing an exemplary platform to provide opportunities for impoverished peoples, especially in Bali’s most poverty-stricken northern / eastern regions, to develop skills that enable them to raise themselves above the poverty line, and subsequently build better livelihoods through increased awareness, self-esteem, social skills, environmental consciousness and self-sufficiency.


  • Integrity: we do what we say and say what we do
  • Honesty: we will try not to participate in, or accept any type of corruption, bribery or nepotism
  • Quality: we do the best we can in all we do
  • Equality: we treat every person with equal importance
  • Care: we treat all - people, animal and environment - well
  • Fun: we ensure we all enjoy what we are doing and do not forget why we are doing it.

Aside from being a learning centerACC will also offer to the greater community:

  • Meeting and event spaces for non-profit organizations to rent whilst in north Bali
  • Guestrooms for visitors and volunteers
  • A performance pavilion that could also be used for meetings
  • Quality souvenirs made by the students of ACC that will be displayed and on sale at the exhibition space.

At the time of writing, the Centre is a verdant plot of rambutan fruit and coconut trees. As we begin the process of building, photographs will show our progress.

Our goal is to build a “green as economically viable” center, with waste water and permaculture gardens, full recycling, green roofs, appropriate lighting, solar energy, rainwater catchment tanks and more.

We will be working closely with on island consultants in the field of energy and conservation and hope to be an example to the entire community of a truly green environment.

What makes us feel content are things like bringing happiness to others.
Amicorp Community Centre